Music Lovers

You have no idea how much you’re needed.

You have a really important job here, and that is to listen to great original music and support (with words of affirmation, likes, shares, and also cash if you want to!) the songwriters you think rock the most.

There is a LOT of great, original music out there and if even a tiny fraction of it becomes discoverable through the #SongwriterChallenge, it will have been a success. But these songwriters can’t do it without you. Every musician needs an audience and every song needs ears to hear it. You have ears, don’t you?

So here’s what you do: Search Facebook using the #SongwriterChallenge hashtag. Listen to some original music. (Hint: you might find #SongwriterChallenge posts on other social media platforms too, so have fun searching!) Show your support with comments, requests for more original music, and by tipping your musicians where applicable (or donating to your favorite musician’s favorite cause).

Here’s something else you can do: Tag the songwriters YOU know in some of the #SongwriterChallenge posts and challenge them to join in on the fun! Sometimes all it takes for a musician to get their creative juices flowing is knowing that someone out there wants to hear them play.

There’s no agenda here, just a desire to create a platform for original music to be heard!

So… go! Go find some music! Go encourage those songwriters! We need you!


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