I’ll Be Released – by Doss Church

Get ready to enjoy a really nice song by Doss Church, an Asheville, NC-based singer/songwriter. In addition to having a really cool name, he's got a talent for soothing melodies. I could listen to this song on repeat allll day long. If you like what you hear, check out his website to find more tracks... Continue Reading →


Home – by Jim Beaver

This is a beautiful song with a heartbreaking story behind it. The song was written and performed by Jim Beaver, and here's what he has to say about it: I wrote this tune several years ago as a response to a tragedy. Someone near and dear to my heart experienced someone no one should ever... Continue Reading →

#SongwriterChallenge – Finder

Time to get this #SongwriterChallenge rolling! Here's a song I wrote called "Finder." This challenge isn't about perfection but about pressing record and getting songs out into the world. I hope you enjoy this barely-rehearsed, unedited, unmixed recording! Share the #SongwriterChallenge with the songwriters in your life and encourage them to share their original music!... Continue Reading →

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