Beating Songwriter’s Block

If you've dabbled in songwriting at all, chances are you've experienced songwriter's block, which is just like writer's block, but with a melody (or sometimes without a melody, and therein lies the problem). So how do you get past it?  No, really, I'm asking. I don't have the answers. What I have are collections of... Continue Reading →


Music Leaves a Legacy

I come from a line of musicians. Both my parents played guitar, as does my brother, and my mom's dad also used to play. Family reunions were designed around a custom-built, Bible-themed stage (think Coat of Many Colors) Grandpa built, where family members were encouraged to step up to the mic, plug in a guitar... Continue Reading →

Your Song Here

If you're a songwriter, I want to post your song right here... in fact, I want to post as many original songs on this site as possible. So when you record and post your #SongwriterChallenge song, use the Contact page to send me a link to it and you just might see it posted here! So... Continue Reading →

Let the Challenge Begin!

Welcome to! I created this site as a home base for the #SongwriterChallenge, which exists to highlight the talent of singer-songwriters everywhere by creating a platform for original music to be heard. Here's How it Works Singer-songwriters record videos of themselves performing an original song. They post it to Facebook with the hashtag #SongwriterChallenge. They... Continue Reading →

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