Hi there!

Welcome to SongwriterChallenge.org! I created this site as a home base for the #SongwriterChallenge, which exists to highlight the talent of singer-songwriters everywhere by creating a platform for original music to be heard.

Who started this?

My name is Amy Burritt and I play the guitar. I happen to be a singer-songwriter, but I also happen to like original music created by others.

What sparked the idea?

I was getting tired of seeing the same old stuff circulated in social media and thought it would be fun to start something new and fresh. Music is a passion of mine, particularly original work. Plus, I think a lot of artists (or maybe it’s just me?) could use a gentle shove to stop overthinking everything and just record a video and put their music out there. It’s scary, but worth it.

Shouldn’t you be raising money or something?

Probably! Although that wasn’t the main idea, it’s a good one. There are a lot of causes I care about, so I decided to set up a digital tip jar using Paypal and donate any tips I receive.

The first cause on my list is a friend who is receiving treatment (read: lots and LOTS of medical bills) for a precancerous stomach tumor. If you decide to leave a tip, thank you VERY much! 

What about the rest of the artists who participate?

I believe artists should be compensated for their creative work, and I would encourage every musician who participates in the challenge to set up a digital tip jar. It’s really easy to do, and whether that money is used for new guitar strings, dog food, human food or any other good cause, I would love to see local artists around the world being rewarded for putting their musical talents on display. It’s not always easy to do that, so if you’re a music lover, be sure to tip your favorite musicians — even if it’s just a dollar!

If this is all happening on social media, why does this website exist?

Because the #SongwriterChallenge needed a home, and I thought it would be cool to have a place to feature some of the songs that other people post. I also have a bad habit of taking small ideas and blowing them up into way bigger ones. Hence, what started as an idea to post one Facebook video with a hashtag has turned into a full-fledged website, Facebook page and who knows what else. (I also work in marketing and I just can’t help myself.)

How can I participate?

I thought you’d never ask.

Are you a musician?

Stop being a perfectionist, grab your phone and start recording. It doesn’t have to be perfect or amazing. It doesn’t even have to be your best song. Just record it and post it, add the #SongwriterChallenge hashtag, tag the SongwriterChallenge Facebook page, and tag a few singer-songwriter friends so they can play too. If you want to take it to the next level, set up a digital tip jar, or ask people to donate to a cause you care about. It’s gonna be great! Go to the Songwriter page to learn more!

Are you a lover of music?

Like the Songwriter Challenge page on Facebook (and search the #SongwriterChallenge hashtag on Facebook or any other social media platform) and see what you find! If you find something you love, leave a tip or make a donation, visit the songwriter’s website if they have one, maybe even download an MP3 if they have them for sale! Go to the Music Lover page to learn more!

Do you know a songwriter?

Tag them in the comments of one of the #SongwriterChallenge videos and ask them to post a video of their own! Sometimes songwriters need a little coaxing to come out of their writer shells and share their work with the world — you might be just the person to encourage them!

Not a songwriter or a music lover?

Never fear, there’s a page here for you too!



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