Why Original Music Matters

As a musician, I have often found myself in front of a microphone, guitar in hand, ready to play my next original, soul-revealing song when someone in the audience shouts a request for one of the cover song standards. I’ll be honest, I’m a fan of cover songs, too. They give the artist and the audience a connecting point where everyone understands the rules and knows the tune and, hopefully, in the case of the performer, the words.

But what if all the greats only ever played cover songs?

What if Carole King did cover songs? How would we express it when our heart longs to know,

Will you still love me tomorrow?

You’re probably hearing that song in your head now, aren’t you? Unless you’re too young, then you’ve probably given up on this post and decided instead to go Snapchat your earlobe tattoo.

But seriously, what if Leonard Cohen played cover songs? How many hallelujahs would we miss out on?

But you don’t really care for music, do ya?

My point is, original music is a beautiful thing, and we need to hear more of it. And I want to hear it from the songwriters who need a little nudge to take the leap to record an original and post it online.

I’ve invested about $20 to get this website up and running, which is just about my full “entertainment” budget for the month, so I really want to get my money’s worth here. But more than that, I want to see emerging artists share their work with a whole new audience.

Music lover, please search #SongwriterChallenge on Facebook, and challenge a songwriter to post a song by tagging them in the comments on that post.

And songwriter, if you’re reading this, pick a song, pick up a recording device and post your song. I, for one, can’t wait to hear it!


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